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Relaxed, stylish and very gorgeous, our ever popular friendship bracelets can now be personalised too.


Personalise brass charm (+ £4)

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Relaxed, stylish and very gorgeous, our ever popular friendship bracelets can now be personalised too.

Created from a selection of our beautiful handmade elements and highlighted with a couple of crumpled sterling silver nuggets. This is all threaded onto a coated steel bangle that is soft and flexible, but won’t loose it’s shape.

These bracelets look wonderful worn layered together in any combination. The recycled brass charms can now be personalised to make an extra special gift.

Choose colours from: multi, green, charcoal, ice, amber or denim.

Choose charms from:

  • Recycled brass (These can be personalised)
  • Heart, approx 1.8cm
  • Mini heart, approx 1.3cm
  • star, approx 1.5cm
  • leaf, approx 1.8cm
  • Coconut (Thes can NOT be personalised)
  • Pale dove, approx 2.5cm long
  • Pale disc & crystal, approx 1.8cm
  • Dark disc & crystal, approx 1.8cm
  • Dark flower & crystal, approx 1.6cm
  • Dark heart & crystal, approx 1.2cm

These bangles are offered in different sizes as they are intended to just slip over your hand, however they do also open with a simple screw fastner.

Made from:

These bracelets really illustrate the skills and techniques of our brilliant crafts people. No mass production here. Some of the techniques used in these bracelets have been around for thousands of years.

To make these beautiful beads used glass is gathered from all over West Africa and is roughly ground down and individually reformed using clay molds fired in an earth kiln. Every bead is completely unique and all colours are produced purely from the original glass with no added chemicals.

The recycled brass is also from West Africa and comes from old plumbing fittings, collected and transformed using the ancient Asante Lost Wax Process. Each charm is first hand molded in bees wax giving evey piece it’s own particular identity.

The coconut charms are hand crafted by a disabled group on the remote island of Rodrigues inthe Indian Ocean. Coconut is one of the very few resources in excess on the island and this craft unit offers valuable work to people with few opportunities.

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Amber, Charcoal, Denim, Green, Ice, Multi


Lrg, 22cm, Med, 21cm, Small, 20cm


Brass ige heart, Brass small heart, Brass small leaf, Brass star, Dark coco & crystal disc, Dark coco & crystal flower, Pale coco & crystal disc, Pale coco dove, Small dark coco & crystal heart

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