Set of three Personalised Tag Bracelets


Three recycled charm bracelets where the third comes less than HALF PRICE!

Size bracelet 1 * 

Cord colour bracelet 1 * 

Bead colour bracelet 1 * 

Brass charm style (1) * 

Personalise bracelet 1

Size bracelet 2 * 

Cord colour bracelet 2 * 

Bead colour bracelet 2 * 

Brass charm style (2) * 

Personalise bracelet 2

Size bracelet 3 * 

Cord colour bracelet 3 * 

Bead colour bracelet 3 * 

Brass charm style (3) * 

Personalise bracelet 3

Product Description

A great offer on a stack of three charm bracelets made from recycled glass and recycled brass, where the third comes less than half price.

These are fully adjustable friendship style bracelets with different charms and lots of colour combinations to choose from.

* Personalised
* Adjustable
* Recycled
* Fair traded
* Lots of colour choices

These personalised charm bracelets can also be bought singly, please follow this link:

The recycled brass is from West Africa and comes from old plumbing fittings, collected and transformed using the ancient Asante Lost Wax Process. Each charm is first hand molded in local honeybee wax giving evey piece it’s own particular identity. With no electricity available this is then fired in an earth kiln. The whole process gives the metal a wonderful worn quality.

Our lovely beads are made from recycled glass which is collected from all over West Africa and is roughly ground down by hand and individually reformed using clay molds fired in an earth kiln. Each piece is completely unique and all the lovely muted colours are produced purely from the original glass with no added chemicals.

Available in choice of nine cord colours and optional six bead colours.

Made from:

100% recycled brass
recycled glass (optional)
cotton cord


Tag charm approx 22mm x 8mm
Round charm approx 12mm dia
Available in two fully adjustable sizes

Dispatch and Delivery:
Made to order and dispatched typically within one working day of order being placed.

FREE standard UK delivery
Express and international delivery available.

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