WORKSHOP one80 – Who we are

WORKSHOP one80 designs and makes simple contemporary jewellery for men and women. We specialise in using recycled materials such as brass, glass and pewter and we are passionate about traditional skills from around the world. Nothing about our pieces feels mass produced and we love the imperfections that come from some of these ancient techniques.

All our distinctive elements are designed by us and made by small family groups of artisans from West Africa to deepest Cornwall. Each different production has it’s own story so do keep reading if you’d like to know more….

The recycled brass is from West Africa and comes from old plumbing fittings, collected and transformed using the ancient Asante Lost Wax Process. Each piece is first hand molded in local honeybee wax giving evey piece it’s own particular identity. With no electricity available this is then fired in an earth kiln. The whole process gives the metal a wonderful worn quality and minor ‘imperfections’ are an integral part of the design.

Also from West Africa our recycled glass beads have a wonderful sea worn quality. Individually handmade using clay molds fired in an earth kiln, each piece is completely unique and all the lovely colours are produced purely from the original glass with no added chemicals.

The pewter elements are made by a father and son team in Cornwall just before it drops into the Celtic Sea. The pewter is 100% lead free and the tin and copper content is sourced from recycled electronics.

The coconut charms are made by a small group of disabled crafts people on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. The image above is of Gonzag who is completely blind and can tell by touch when each piece is properly finished.

All these wonderful elements arrive at our small workshop on the edge of the Cotswolds where we use them to make and hand stamp each piece to order. This whole long story is what gives everyone of our pieces it’s own unique identity that is all about traditional artsian skills and good clean design.

We hope you will love our range as much as we enjoy making it.

WORKSHOP one80 only works with groups with the highest work standards and fair trade credentials.

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